Fridolin Schimmel pianos

Fridolin Schimmel Pianos

Fridolin Schimmel is Wilhelm Schimmel's brother, the founder of Schimmel Pianos in Germany. Fridolin emigrated to America and started building pianos in 1893 in his piano factory in Minnesota. Due to the availability of the right kind of wood, it was the perfect place to do this. The combination of good materials that are nearby and Fridolin and Wilhelm's collective qualities and knowledge, has turned both brothers into piano manufacturers with excellent reputations.

Like Wilhelm Schimmel, the Fridolin Schimmel pianos are part of the Schimmel brand name. Therefore, you can be sure that the instrument you’re buying is of reliable quality, and not only bears the name Schimmel, but is also supported by the German piano builder’s knowledge and know-how.

All Fridolin Schimmel instruments are based on a technical design by Schimmel. With over 130 years of experience manufacturing upright and grand pianos, they ensure that when it comes to an instrument’s touch and sound, a Fridolin has the soul of a German piano.

The Fridolin pianos’ case design is by the German Schimmel, which has been awarded numerous design awards, such as the 'Red Dot Award', the 'Good Design Award' and a nomination for the 'German Design Award'. Fridolin Schimmel pianos have a classic, elegant look.

All Fridolin instruments are manufactured in China according to defined processes and under supervision of German professionals from Schimmel. This guarantees a constant quality inspection.

Fridolin Schimmel pianos are made from carefully selected materials, such as German hammer felt and German Rosslau strings, so you can be sure to be buying an instrument of value.

Of course, Fridolin instruments carry the same warranty as Schimmel instruments, which tells you you're buying a durable instrument.