TransAcoustic grand pianos

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Clavis Pianos is represented by the following piano brands:

Petrof grand pianos and Silent grand pianos - Czech Republic
Schimmel grand pianos and Silent grand pianos - Germany
Wilhelm Schimmel pianos and Silent pianos - Poland / Germany
Yamaha grand pianos, Silent grand pianos, TransAcoustic grand pianos and Disklavier grand pianos - Indonesia / Japan

What is a TransAcoustic grand piano?

The TransAcoustic grand piano is a new way of connecting musically with your instrument. The elements of an acoustic piano are used to extend and amplify digital sounds, thereby improving their sound representation. The TransAcoustic piano has a more enveloping sound reproduction than the most advanced speaker systems. By expanding the piano's acoustic sound, you can reproduce the true-to-life sound of a 3-meters-long Yamaha CFX concert grand piano, imitate an electronic piano or add string instruments to the acoustic piano.

In addition, you can play your favourite music over the soundboard, e.g. via an iPhone or iPad, and play the piano part along with it. So, Adèle, singing, and your piano playing, all produced by your acoustic instrument's soundboard! You can lower the instrument's volume to create an intimate atmosphere, or activate the silent system to play without disturbing others.