Schimmel Silent grand pianos

Schimmel Silent grand pianos: top-quality instruments from Germany

It all began in May 1885, when Wilhelm Schimmel built his first piano in a small place just outside Leipzig. Driven by his pioneering spirit and perseverance, he did everything he could to meet his buyers' expectations. People heard about and discovered the high levels of attention and refinement with which his upright and grand pianos were built, and how well they met the high standards of sound quality and character.

In 1927, Wilhelm Arno Schimmel took over the company. He moved the production of pianos to Braunschweig, where, despite a few bad years, the family business grew into a modern business where new developments and traditional craftsmanship go together to build very high-quality instruments.

Since 1961, Nikolaus Wilhelm Schimmel is in charge of the company. Under his guidance, Schimmel has become the largest family company within the piano industry in the world. Due to modern management and constant quality inspection, Schimmel is currently one of the largest piano manufacturers in the world. You can trust a Schimmel – now and in the future!

Since 2003, Nikolaus Schimmel's son-in-law is in charge of daily management: Mr Hannes M. Schimmel-Vogel. His new vision and Schimmel employees’ craftsmanship are once again creating a new generation of first-class upright and grand pianos!

Specialist piano builders’ skills and knowledge are infinitely important in creating high-quality pianos, which is why Schimmel gives top priority to their piano builders’ (further) training. Specialized knowledge and motivation for building instruments are qualities which develop naturally in talented piano builders. At the same time, traditional craftsmanship and personal know-how are closely related, as well as extensive cooperation with research institutes. Schimmel instruments are a symbiosis of traditional methods and the continuing willingness to innovate. The special attention and care with which the materials are selected, guarantee the instruments’ high quality.

Schimmel pianos are manufactured entirely in Germany. Schimmel has been awarded a certificate by the BVK (Bundesverband Klavier) confirming this. Schimmel can truly claim: 'Made in Germany'.