Silent grand pianos

Be guided by more than 30 years of craftsmanship when buying, renting and maintaining your grand piano

Clavis Pianos is represented by the following piano brands:

Petrof grand pianos and Silent grand pianos - Czech Republic
Schimmel grand pianos and Silent grand pianos - Germany
Wilhelm Schimmel pianos and Silent pianos - Poland / Germany
Yamaha grand pianos, Silent grand pianos, TransAcoustic grand pianos and Disklavier grand pianos - Indonesia / Japan

What is a silent grand piano?

Do you enjoy the touch and sound of an acoustic grand piano, but would you also like to play without disturbing others? A silent piano could be the thing for you. By connecting headphones (or speakers) to the instrument, you can enjoy the feeling of playing a real acoustic piano without having to worry about its volume. The hammers will no longer strike the strings; instead, the instrument will digitally produce the high-end sound of a grand piano, allowing you to play at any time you like, without being heard by others. In silent mode, you can also select additional instruments to accompany your music. Early in the morning, late at night – no problem! Now you can play whenever you like!

And did you know that piano teachers tell us that students who play a silent piano make faster progress? Actually, this makes perfect sense, because by practising on an instrument with a silent system, you ensure that nobody is bothered by you, but also, that you’re not bothered by anybody else either! Even if you play the same exercise a hundred times; no-one will comment on it!