Yamaha Disklavier grand pianos

Yamaha Disklavier grand pianos: traditional craftsmanship in harmony with the newest techniques

Yamaha has a long tradition of manufacturing upright and grand pianos. Founder Torakusu Yamaha built his first harmonium in 1887, his first upright piano in 1900, and his first grand piano in 1902. By now, over 6 million upright and grand pianos have been built and sold. Yamaha also plays a key role in the area of electronic instruments.

Existing techniques were taken and improved, and new techniques were developed to lift the art of piano building to a higher level. All parts of a Yamaha piano are manufactured by Yamaha from the finest materials. In other words, traditional craftsmanship in harmony with the newest techniques.

All these instruments have one thing in common: the high level of quality due to a combination of craftsmanship, modern production methods and carefully coordinated materials. This way, Yamaha has earned a worldwide reputation.
Yamaha instruments are built in Japan and Indonesia, allowing music lovers all over the world to enjoy the sound so connected with the tradition of musical perfection.

Yamaha instruments have an expressive sound with a wide dynamic, ranging from the softest pianissimo to the loudest fortissimo. Their touch, thanks to the action mechanism developed and produced by Yamaha themselves, is very balanced and even, so you can be sure you will enjoy playing your piano for many years without mechanical problems.

The string tension is optimal, which ensures a stable tuning. A Yamaha piano stays in tune very well, despite the Dutch fluctuating climatic circumstances. Yamaha only selects the best materials, ensuring their pianos will have a long lifespan.
Yamaha offers a wide variety of models and types of wood; a most complete collection, so there will be a piano to suit anybody's taste and wishes.