Disklavier grand pianos

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Clavis Pianos is represented by the following piano brands:

Petrof grand pianos and Silent grand pianos - Czech Republic
Schimmel grand pianos and Silent grand pianos - Germany
Wilhelm Schimmel pianos and Silent pianos - Poland / Germany
Yamaha grand pianos, Silent grand pianos, TransAcoustic grand pianos and Disklavier grand pianos - Indonesia / Japan

What is a Disklavier grand piano?

The Disklavier grand piano is an acoustic piano with limitless possibilities and advanced music playing technologies, and it is the perfect experience platform for every environment. At the basis of every Disklavier is a beautifully-made acoustic Yamaha piano. Whether you are playing the instrument, or listening to a recorded piece of music, you will always enjoy the natural sound and resonance of a wonderfully sounding acoustic instrument. 

The Disklavier represents the beauty of a live performance in a natural way. With one tap, the Disklavier’s keys and pedals will effortlessly spring to life and give an accurate representation of the music as it was intended by the artist.

You can lower the instrument’s volume to create an intimate atmosphere, or activate its silent system to play or listen without disturbing others.