Petrof grand pianos

Petrof Grand pianos: a European high-quality product

Petrof pianos have been manufactured since 1864, which is when Antonin Petrof – having studied the piano building trade for many years in Vienna, at the time the piano industry's Mecca – built the first Petrof grand piano. Within a few years, he had to start looking for a bigger space to build his instruments, and ended up building the first Petrof piano factory in the Czech city of Hradec Kralové, 150 km east of Prague, which is where the now world-famous Petrof factory is still located.

In the past 35 years, Petrof has seen explosive growth, and this is no coincidence: their production numbers are so high, that they’re able to manufacture all piano parts themselves. They have factories exclusively for producing piano cases, but also a factory dedicated solely to the production of action mechanisms and keyboards. They even have their own vocational training programme, which continuously trains dozens of young people in a 42-month programme. When trainees have successfully made it through the heavy exams, they are ready to dedicate their skills and craftsmanship to building Petrof pianos. This production strategy and the most modern technologies allow Petrof to build instruments that meet very high-quality standards at an attractive price.

Hundreds of people work at Petrof, producing anything from the smallest parts up to ready-made pianos, allowing them to build hundreds and hundreds of upright and grand pianos every year. Before a Petrof piano leaves the factory, it undergoes a final inspection carried out by highly-qualified specialists..
Petrof instruments' soundboards are exclusively made from special, carefully selected spruce with a very close growth ring structure.
Petrof is the only manufacturer to dry their tone wood naturally for 5 years. These special soundboards, onto which the red beech ribs are glued, ensure the transfer of the strings' vibrations into the clear, romantic sound Petrof instruments are known for all around the world.