Dexibell Digital pianos

Dexibell VIVO Digital pianos. Top products from Italy.

Dexibell VIVO digital pianos are a new addition to our collection and are available as home, portable and stage pianos. Dexibell combines handsome Italian design with a special character and sound quality.

The keyboards are by the well-known brand Fatar which also provides keyboards to other brands, including Clavia Nord Pianos. The amplifiers and speakers are by Italian sound systems brand Proel. These high-quality amplifiers and speakers are well-known amongst stage performers, and are made to withstand heavy performance circumstances without compromising on quality.

The tone is created by a newly developed software technique called T2L (True to Life), which combines a high-resolution sampling (24-bit and 48kHz) and modelling technique (320 oscillators). Here’s how it works: a tone’s basis sound is an audio recording of a real grand piano (some samples lasting up to 15 seconds), and the software calculates all components of a tone in real time, and adds this information to the basis sound, such as whether you're playing with or without pedals, or pressing other keys at the same time, echo effects, etc.

The tone generator which makes all this happen, needs to be incredibly fast to handle so much real time calculation. Therefore, it is of the highest quality and is as fast as a Quad Core CPU. Both the piano sound and other sounds are created using a 3D holophonic method, which means the sample is made at the precise place where pianists sit and play. The speakers have also been placed in such a way that they’re aimed in the direction where the keyboard normally is.

The different models each have their own specifications aimed at the instrument’s use and purpose.

This brand currently has the best specifications, but whether the instruments have the sound and character you're looking for, is up to you. We’d love to welcome you in our stores, to let you play and listen to these instruments, and experience this state-of-the-art technology.