Digital pianos

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Clavis Pianos has the representation of the following digital piano brands:

Roland digital pianos, digital grand pianos and portable pianos - Indonesia / Japan
Yamaha digital pianos, digital grand pianos, AvantGrand pianos and grand pianos and portable pianos - Indonesia / China / Japan

What is a digital piano?

Digital home pianos by Yamaha and Roland; a world of small differences...

It's impossible to imagine today's music world without digital instruments. Thanks to highly refined technological developments and modern ingenuity, and the great benefits of digital instruments, the digital piano has become a highly popular study and performance instrument. Brands such as Yamaha and Roland have turned the production of digital home pianos – which, nowadays, are only marginally different in sound and character from their acoustic equivalents.

In recent years, the look of digital pianos has also become more important, with some new, but sometimes also more traditional designs. All things considered, it can make just as much sense, if not more, to choose a digital piano rather than an acoustic one.

Benefits of digital pianos
There are several reasons why you might decide to purchase a digital piano.
The most common reasons are:

  • The possibility to play with headphones or at a low volume.
  • The relatively low purchase price compared to acoustic pianos.
  • They weigh less, and are easier to move than acoustic pianos.
  • Additional playing features due to the availability of other sounds, integrated training programmes, the possibility to record, etc.
  • Possibilities to connect the instrument to computers, for the benefit of composing, recording, multimedia purposes, etc.
  • Digital pianos have a visually less ‘pompous’ design, and are therefore less prominent than the more massive classic pianos.
  • Digital pianos require little to no maintenance. You don’t have to worry about tuning your instrument or technical problems caused by fluctuations in temperature and humidity.

All these advantages could cancel out the disadvantages of acoustic pianos, which may stand in the way of you playing or learning to play the piano. Mind you, some of the advantages listed above also apply to acoustic pianos equipped with a silent system. More information about silent instruments can be found elsewhere on our website.

Is a digital piano just as good as an acoustic piano?
Yes and no. Advanced pianists will always be aware of a digital piano’s limitations, but will almost certainly not undermine its benefits. A digital piano cannot replace an acoustic one – it should rather be considered an alternative with some great added benefits.
A digital piano’s sound isn’t subject to the acoustics of the space the instrument is placed in (like an acoustic piano is); it doesn’t have a soundboard; it doesn’t have an action mechanism with hammers striking real strings; for all these reasons, a digital piano (as long as it is merely an instrument equipped with speakers) will never evoke the same experience as an acoustic piano. However, it doesn't necessarily need to. To learn to play the piano, to be able to play at other locations, and due to all the benefits we’ve just mentioned, the average digital piano can hold its ground very well.

Our collection
Clavis proudly includes all products of the digital home pianos, rhythm pianos and portable pianos, and digital grand pianos from Roland and Yamaha in its collection. Most of these products are set up in our showrooms, ready for you to try, where our sales specialists are available to tell you everything there is to know about them. Most products are in stock to a fair degree and can be delivered immediately. If the product of your choice is not in stock, it can usually be delivered quite soon, depending on the importer's stock. In some cases, a replacement instrument until delivery of your order can be discussed.