Yamaha Digital grand pianos

Yamaha digital grand pianos: traditional craftsmanship in harmony with the newest techniques

Yamaha has a long tradition of building upright and grand pianos. Founder Torakusu Yamaha built his first harmonium in 1887, his first upright piano in 1900, and his first grand piano in 1902. By now, over 6 million upright and grand pianos have been built and sold. Yamaha also plays a key role in the area of electronic instruments.

For many years now, Yamaha's famous line of digital pianos has been named Clavinova – a highly appropriate name, which translates to 'New Clavier'. In production for nearly 35 years and coming out with entirely new series every three years, today, the Clavinova series is the ultimate product which brings together all the innovation that has been introduced over the years.

The main difference between a CLP- and a CVP-piano is the availability of rhythmic accompaniments in the CVP-models. Due to this feature, the CVP-pianos are usually called rhythm pianos. The CLP-pianos are called 'regular' digital pianos or study pianos. The CSP models are exactly in between. A good quality piano with the best features of the CVP models.

Each beginning or advanced pianist is different and has different needs, and so, when choosing between three types of Clavinovas, it’s best to ask one of our highly experienced product specialists to assist you. They know the market and the various instruments inside out. By asking a number of detailed questions, they’re happy to give you an expert, honest, no-obligation advice as to which Clavinova suits your situation best.