Digital grand pianos

Be guided by more than 30 years of craftsmanship when buying and renting your digital grand pianos

Clavis Pianos has the representation of the following digital grand pianos brands:

Roland digital pianos, digital grand pianos and portable pianos - Indonesia / Japan
Yamaha digital pianos, digital grand pianos, AvantGrand pianos and grand pianos and portable pianos - Indonesia / China / Japan

What is a digital grand piano?

A digital grand piano is a good alternative to a regular (acoustic) grand piano. A digital piano’s sound is produced by an amplifier and speakers. In the past, the sound was imitated through analogue sound waves (electronic piano), but nowadays this is done by means of a digital technique, called ‘sampling’. In sampling, an acoustic instrument’s sound is recorded and converted into digital information. This way, many details are preserved, which leads to a very true-to-life sound.

Features and benefits of a digital grand piano include:

  • The look, but not the full size, of a real grand piano
  • You don't need a piano tuner
  • Very little noise nuisance (speakers pass on fewer vibrations than a soundboard)
  • Play undisturbed, day and night, with headphones on or at a low volume
  • The instrument can be placed almost anywhere (e.g. the attic)
  • Play with different sounds (e.g. organ, harpsichord, strings)
  • The possibility to expand (sound modules)
  • Record digitally (sequencer)
  • Connect your instrument to a computer through MIDI, e.g. for music notation