Carry bags

Carry bags for portable pianos

A carry bag (also called case) is vital if you need to transport your keyboard, stage piano or portable piano from time to time. Clavis has a suitable 'jacket' for every instrument listed in our catalogue.

Roland en Yamaha
Yamaha has very sturdy carry bags with thick padding, storage pockets and wheels for specific portable instruments such as the P-series, so that they can be transported as easily as possible. Roland has developed its own carry bags for the RD- and FP-series’ portable pianos.

One benefit of these bags is that they bear the brand’s name and sometimes even the product name. They’re also made of top-quality materials – for these brands, only the best is good enough. Unfortunately, prices are correspondingly high. For people who may only transport their instrument sporadically, these bags may be too much of a good thing, and a simple, sturdy bag can suffice.

Clavis stocks suitable bags for Yamaha and Roland’s popular portable pianos, which are created by other brands: Boston (for pianos). These brands produce polyester bags or cases with decent, thick padding, two-way zips, storage pockets and sturdy shoulder straps. Boston's bags, available in two different sizes, have wheels. Boston and Stagg bags are less expensive because they are made in Asian production centres.
Deze merken produceren polyester foedralen met een fatsoenlijke dikke voering, tweezijdige ritssluitingen, opbergvakken en stevige schouderriemen. De tassen van Boston, leverbaar in twee verschillende maten, hebben wieltjes.
Doordat de tassen van zowel Boston als Stagg worden vervaardigd in Aziatische productiecentra is de prijs van deze draagtassen zeer gunstig.

Hardcases (flight cases)
If you need to transport your instrument abroad and it’s transported as air cargo, we strongly advise you NOT to transport it in a carry bag or soft case. Only a hard case or flight case will give your instrument sufficient protection as air cargo. Professional performers also set very high demands regarding transportation of their keyboard instrument.
Clavis offers various tailor-made solutions regarding flight cases. For more information about the possibilities, please give us a call, send us an email or visit one of our stores. In collaboration with our flight case builder, we can create anything you need..

For those who are interested in building their own flight case, a useful website.