Different adapters for different products

Keyboards, but also a number of digital pianos, stage pianos and silent pianos, usually require an adapter to operate. An adapter transforms the mains electricity's 220 volts to a lower voltage which is sufficient to power the instrument in question – usually a voltage between 9 and 15 volts, depending (mostly) on the instrument's amplifier and speakers. Furthermore, adapters have a certain amperage. Simply put, the amperage determines at what speed (actually, magnetism) the power current is sent to the instrument. To laymen, this subject matter isn't necessarily simple.

Why adapters aren't always included
The product descriptions on our website, when relevant, state whether an adapter is or isn’t included. Manufacturers decide whether or not to include an adapter with their product; this decision depends on the production process. If you've ever been abroad, you'll know that one country may have 110 mains voltage and the next may have 220 or even 230 volts. Additionally, around the world there are many different views of what a plug should look like.

Can I still purchase an adapter for my old keyboard or digital piano?
Clavis is official dealer of Yamaha and Roland products. For a specific answer to this question, it’s best to call one of our stores, or send us an email at In general, it’s no problem to deliver an adapter for an older instrument, as long as we know which product it is. Unfortunately, Clavis cannot provide adapters for other brands, such as Technics, Korg or Casio.

Tips for proper use of your adapter
In practice, each AC adapter has a limited lifespan. Many people who own an adapter-powered instrument, tend to leave the adapter plugged in nonstop, simply using the power switch on the instrument's console to switch the instrument off. This way, the adapter will last about a hundred times shorter than it could! A real shame: it’s a waste of the adapter, a waste of power, and harmful to the environment. So, when you stop playing, switch the instrument off using the power button and then disconnect the adapter from the power socket. You will save power, and save yourself the unnecessary purchase of a new adapter, which can be quite expensive.